Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency Dentistry

Do you have toothache pain, general mouth pain, swelling, infection, or discomfort of any kind?

We initially triage and provide services for these concerns before ANYTHING ELSE!

This will generally be our number one priority, always, when coming to see us! Once that is resolved, we move on, only with your permission/acceptance, to the following:

Infection Control - We want to eliminate any “issues” you have such as oral cancer screening, cavity control, gum-infection control, which can be a cause of gum swelling in addition to many other problems, and any other issues that will lead to a patient losing more teeth. We want to control these “issues” immediately!

We also provide emergency cosmetic dentistry solutions for issues such as cracked teeth, which can involve dental bonding, crowns, root canal therapy or extraction depending on the severity of the case.

Here at Oyster Bay Dentists, we treat patients on a case by case basis, understanding that while one treatment may be right for one patient, it is not always right for the next. Regardless of what the emergency is, we want to provide you with optimal care that is catered to YOU! If you are experiencing any of the issues or symptoms above, give us a call so we can assist you in achieving a happier, healthier smile.