Our practice is focused on delivering top quality care that is tailored to the individual. Unlike medical, patient’s dental Insurances have varying types of coverage benefits, leaving significant “Outta-pocket-costs” between different patients. Patient’s also have a large differences in financial capability to pay for things not covered by insurance. Everyone needs to have a healthy mouth. Our doctors have a combined 30 years experience in treating patients.

Our practice prides ourselves in having all there is to offer in being a cutting edge practice, while working with patient’s to complete personally tailored treatment plans to get patient’s healthy. We do this through effective education of all of the patients’, options, then their insurance/financial realities and expectations(pro’s and con’s) of each type of solution. What is great for one patient, is not great for another.

Where we only work with dentists who are meticulous in their treatment approach, We pride ourselves in utilizing specialists, and placing cases and procedures into the hands of those proven to deliver the highest quality outcomes in particular procedures. Most of our dentists have achieved distinction in their field and/or are specialists and also carry a strong ability to relate to patients with a great chair-side manner.

We are actually a group of several practices that cover Westchester and Long Island north and south and have hours of operation within the group of 7 days a week.